Tip of the Week

Share What You Have Learned

There's a movement happening right now especially with SaaS companies. People are revealing an increasing amount of information about their companies. They are publically sharing the internals of how their businesses operate including, what they've done, what they've learned and how they think about it.

Blogs focused on sharing and transparency:

Buffer's Open Blog

Zach's Built in Public

Groove's Startup Journey Blog

Blog post examples to learn and get inspired:

Patrick's Software Year in Review for 2014

Vero's Lessons Learned in 2014

Neil's 100 Lessons From 10 Years of Blogging

HubSpot's Culture Code

StatusPage's $5k to $25k MRR Blog Post

Eoghan's Story of $30M Raised in 30 Months for Intercom

Mixpanel's $865M Valuation Pitch Deck

Danielle's $6.5M Funding Announcement for Mattermark

MailChimp's Update From Their First Year of Going Freemium

Anand's 54 Screwups as a Startup CEO

You'll notice that the best content involves sharing not only what's working but also what's not. Genuinely doing this gets you more attention, builds trust and helps grow your business.

A challenge for you: What will you share about your business in 2015?

Tip of the Week