Tip of the Week

Add a required comment box before people can cancel your product.

My friend, Ruben Gamez was interviewed recently and mentioned this tip that I told him. One of your greatest sources of qualitative feedback is when people cancel, so make sure you ask people why they are canceling before they can actually cancel. The responses will help you discover what problems people have with your product which will lead to improvements you can make.

SaaS Weekly by Hiten Shah

Top Links

If you were going to design a perfect outbound sales process for a SaaS company with product-market fit that has primarily been doing inbound, what would it look like?

I would recommend following the techniques in the book, Predictable Revenue which is written by Aaron Ross who was an early sales executive at Salesforce. Also, the folks at are writing a bunch of great content about outbound sales on their blog.

SaaS Weekly by Hiten Shah

What are the first steps you would take after launching your MVP?

A MVP should be designed to be an opportunity for you to learn about a core hypothesis that you have. Is it true or false? Talking to you customers is the best way to actually learn whether they care about your product in order to figure out what you should do next. Figure out why customers signed up for your product in the first place, what primary benefit they are receiving from it and everything else you can possibly learn from them.

SaaS Weekly by Hiten Shah