Tip of the Week

Don't Just Tell Website Visitors About Your Product, Show It Off.

Most SaaS websites have information about the product and might even have a few screenshots. People who sign up get to experience the product first-hand and most people who don't will leave and never come back. A live demo, interactive interface, product video or even just a guided tour of the product can help people who aren't ready to sign up get a clear idea of what your product can do for them. At the least they will leave your website more informed and at best they will sign up after viewing your "show".

A few examples of companies showing off their products:

Baremetrics' Demo

Basecamp's Case Study

Chartbeat's Analytics Demo

Crazy Egg's Example Report

Doodle's Scheduling Example

Intercom's Invision Case Study

KISSmetrics' Interactive Product Tour

MailChimp's Features Area

Zemanta's Content Analysis Demo