Tip of the Week

You should research other company's customers too!

When we first created KISSmetrics, we researched the market by doing whatever we could to talk to people who used Google Analytics. You can learn a lot by researching other companies in your market or even companies you might rely on for distribution.

Examples of how you can do research on other companies:

  • Get their customers to fill out Sean Ellis' product/market fit survey

  • Run user testing studies on their website

  • Examine what customer's say about them on Twitter

  • Interview their customers to learn more about how and why they use the product

  • Find people who stopped using the product and learn why they stopped

Currently, as many folks are, I'm curious about Slack and am conducting several research studies to understand their business and customers better. I'm not planning on competing with Slack but am very curious about understanding why people love them. I'll be publically sharing the whole process and results of the research. Reply to this email if you want early access to the research.

Hiten Shah