Tip of the Week

Adding features to your product isn’t bad

I used to think that adding features to a product was a waste of time and a bad thing. That thinking served me well from about 2005 to 2010. With Crazy Egg, this approach has led us to become the market leaders for website heatmaps. We haven't added any new major features for literally years. This year that will change because the world has changed!

The strategy we had was to create a minimal product feature set and go deeper than anyone else into it. This used to work years ago when there was less competition and thus less options for your customers. These days, as new companies are entering every market at a rapid pace, the expectations that customers have of your product changes faster. You have to keep up with how your market evolves or someone else will get your customers. You can't just have a minimal feature set and expect to continue to get long-term growth. At the same time, if you add new features you have to make sure they are the right ones for your customers and they get adopted by them.

"It's easier than ever to get customers and harder than ever to keep them." [Click to Tweet]