Are you winning
your market today?

I know what it feels like to build a market-winning product.

I’m still proud of the work we did with KISSmetrics, we were ahead of the market by 3 years. Yes, 3 full years. In 2010, we moved the entire analytics category to the point that competitors wouldn’t close the gap until 2013. Many of the innovations we introduced became industry standards.

Another company I built, Crazy Egg, is still going strong 13 years later. Until recently, there haven’t been any serious competitors.

Not to mention the dozens of other products I’ve worked on over the years. And the hundreds of product teams that I’ve consulted, advised, or lent a helping hand.

I also know what it feels like to lose a market.

KISSmetrics started out with a huge lead on the market.

Then we lost it. I call it my “billion dollar” mistake.

The short story. I bounced from idea to idea and caused a lot of distractions for the team. We stopped focusing on deep customer research. We stopped delighting our customers. We ignored innovation from our competitors.

Eventually, the competition caught up. Then they surpassed us.

As painful as that was, it forced me to become world-class at two things:

  • Being a product leader, not just a product manager
  • Coaching teams to become world-class product managers themselves

So much goes into both of these. I know I’ve found it overwhelming at times.

First there’s the higher-level product skills:

  • Prioritizing time and resources across a rapidly expanding product
  • Keeping pace and surpassing every competitor in the market
  • Aligning product work with the entire company strategy

Then there’s the countless company-based skills:

  • Working with other teams and aligning with stakeholders to keep your priorities on track
  • Communicating your goals to the team so they all move in the same direction
  • Recruitment and scaling your team
  • All the day-to-day management skills to keep projects on schedule

I’ve spent over a decade mastering these skills myself.
Here’s what others have said about my work.

Testimonial 1

“Hiten has distilled 15 years of building products so you don't have to learn the hard way.”

Brian Balfour, Founder/CEO of Reforge

Testimonial 2

“The most important thing to realize when building a new product is that all your assumptions are wrong. Hiten walks you through each step of building a great product, starting from ground zero.”

David Cancel, CEO at Drift

Testimonial 3

“When I was working on a number of products that got to massive scale, Hiten has always been one of the people I go to for advice. His insights on product teams and building habits and data are worth learning for any team.”

Josh Elman, VP of Product at Robinhood

Testimonial 4

“Hiten covers the fundamentals that you need to know to build great products today. Even familiar concepts become more useful with Hiten's analysis and insight.”

Fred Kang, Product Manager at Blue Apron

All of this is on top of the day-to-day product skills that you still need to master in order to coach your product team and make them as effective as possible. Part of being a product leader is knowing the exact tactics to unblock teams.

Recently, I did a coaching call with Darren Chait, Co-Founder and COO of Hugo on his biggest challenge: collecting feedback from customers that have had a poor experience and left.

I shared an email script that I use in these exact same situations.
A few days later, I received this email from him:

Over the years, I’ve discovered thousands of these little tactics. Each is a minor boost on it’s own. But taken together, they get a team unblocked in almost any scenario.

As much as I enjoy building market-winning products, I enjoy helping others build those products even more.

Which is why I’m currently looking for a few, select teams to work with on a consulting basis. Purely because I enjoy it. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing you build a market-winning product.

The number of teams that I can help is extremely limited. I’m building multiple products and businesses myself so there’s only a few slots.

If you’re a product leader and want to work with me personally to get yourself and your team to the next level, use the form below and we’ll see if there’s a good fit for both of us.

Once you fill out the form below, it will be sent directly to my personal inbox.

If there’s a fit, I’ll reach out within 24 hours and we’ll schedule a call to go into more depth.

Even if there isn’t, you’ll still get a response.
A few other things about working with me:

  • You’ll work with me directly, I won’t pawn you off on an inexperienced product “expert”
  • My recommendations are perfectly tailored to your exact situation. This isn’t a cookie-cutter consultation package.
  • We’ll start by outlining your goals to make sure you’re headed in the best direction. Even if you’re not sure where to start, we’ll work through that.

Work with me Personally.